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2009 Chevrolet Corvette

It’s time for car #9! Despite approaching car number 10, we’re still looking back (way back), back into time, circa 2009. 

Car #9 is a 2009 Corvette, 6 speed manual. My first car I bought brand new. 

I was enjoying the silver S2000 quite a bit, but something got into me. A lot of random things lined up (it was my birthday, for one), and I decided to go for it. Old habits die hard. 

Now, a C6 corvette had already been on my mind for a while. I had driven a friend’s 2008 C6 Corvette recently; and it pretty much fixed *EVERY* complaint I had about the C5 Corvette. I had a lot of complaints about the C5 – the top few being the bouncy la-z-boy seats, the huge steering wheel, and the fact that I was pretty far from the body type the C5 was designed for (6 feet tall, 270+lbs); I felt so loose in the C5. After a track day at thunderhill, the outside of my left knee was bright purple due to it being banged constantly into the door as I used it to brace myself during high-g turns. When I hit the gas hard then let off, the empty seatback to my right would slop around and flap forward. The C5Z had a lot of amazing things about it, but had a handful of “what were they thinking” issues as well. 

Anyways, the C6 felt like a huge leap forward – its steering wheel was smaller (despite it being the same wheel used in the cobalt, it was still preferable to the yacht-wheel in the C5). The cockpit felt snug and the seats weren’t so bouncy. The steering feel was actually better than the S2000 – it wasn’t perfect and something was still slightly off / rubbery about it (GM has never really gotten feel down, maybe with the C8 they’ll nail it?); but it was a surprising and welcome improvement from the numb and dead S2000 steering feel. The car almost felt like an S2000 that sprouted 4 extra cylinders via anabolic means. 

One thing in retrospect that wasn’t perfect about this car, was that LS3 motor. I prefer the LS6 from the C5Z. With the long gears, and the flat torque curve – the LS3 motor felt lazy, slow (despite it being a screamer), and not very responsive. Lack of z51 performance package was also a big deal, as the suspension was too soft and the non-z51 gears were long and tall. This car would cruise on the freeway at 80mph, turning at 1800rpms in 6th gear (on the upside it got 30mpg highway). The exhaust was also too quiet. It also suffered from delayed turn-in response due to the “heavy front engine weight shifting and compressing the suspension before reacting” issue. 

Either way, I enjoyed this car for almost an year, until I got bit by a very dangerous bug – starting as a mild curiosity but blowing into a lifelong obsession. 

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