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2006 Porsche Boxster S

Let’s do up car #12 – my 2006 Porsche Boxster S. Owned in 2012. 

The Boxster gets a horrible rap. The “poor man’s porsche”. The “hairdresser car” (as I referred to in car #11). The “you couldn’t afford a 911” car. 

But you know what? The only people who say this are people who don’t know cars, don’t know porsches, and don’t know its history. They hear porsche, they think 911. They don’t know about the 550, 718, 917, 90x, GT1, CGT, 918.. and let’s not forget their 911 RSR had the engine reconfigured to be mid-engined to be more balance-friendly. Mid-engined Porsches are incredibly special. 

But it doesn’t matter. I was all about camaro’s, corvettes, that powerful muscle image, but after the porsche bug bit me, I stopped caring. My ’99 911 cab was fun, and I wanted more; and the boxster S delivered that chassis-mind-meld feeling in spades, even better than the 996 911 did. So what if it’s a “chick” car – if all “chick” cars are this good, sign me up. I hate this term – people use it to denigrate a car, to say that it is “effeminate” and therefore weak. It’s one thing to be bigoted about cars, and it’s another thing to add a layer of sexism to it. Boo! But the more people called this car a “chick car”, the more I enjoyed driving it. Bigots don’t deserve to enjoy the amazing experiences that a Boxster can provide, and in that sense I loved that it kept the dumbasses at bay. It was a true enthusiast’s gem, one where you could only reap the rewards of if you were truly a driver. 

On this 987.1S – this was the first car I had with PASM. Electronically adjustable suspension. Even with PASM in default/off mode, it was a pretty firm ride – but the instant you hit that button, the texture of the road started coming in as the suspension firmed up. This car was just full of feel – I dare say that this car was 95% of the Elise in terms of chassis feel, maybe even 100%. It gave me as much information as the Elise did, but filtered out the nasty edges of hard bumps. The steering is about 90% there; short of the manual rack in the NSX or Elise, Porsche has the best steering feel in the business by far. 

One of the many things I saw from this car

I loved this car, and I kept it pretty long by ray-standards; approximately a full year. This car was also a marker of a pivotal chapter of my life – I had this car when we sold our San Jose home and decided to move out of that POS neighborhood, and I exited the career-graveyard of a job at Allied Telesis and got myself a job at Facebook; a job which has changed my life, outlook, and is the job which I still remain at today after nearly 7.5 years (unheard of for me, I hopped jobs as often as I switched cars prior to this). 

Bonus points – while Katherine drove my old 911 and thought “big whoop”, she drove this one and fell in love. A few months later she ended up upstaging me by getting her own 2009 Boxster S with PDK and PSE. Another incredible vehicle. This is the car that got Kat to fall in love with Porsches (a love so strong it lasts to this day as of this writing in 2020).

I did sell this car because old car gremlins again – the waterpump went out so I had it towed; once a new water pump went in, it was good for about 2-3 months then I heard it starting to go again, so I ditched this one like a hot potato. Went back into the “new/warrantied” car territory (but not a corvette this time), which turned out to be a huge mistake…