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2005 Honda S2000

Car #6 – the 2005 Honda S2000 – 2008 

“Who cares about hp/liter, it’s still only 240hp and slow.” 

“You have no torque until you hit 6500+ rpms, and even after that it’s miniscule.” 


“Johnny Tran would be proud.”

One of the best things about growing old, is admitting you were wrong about something, and enjoying the hell out of it. 

Having had the cars I have had in the past (outside of the MR2), I was squarely in the big-displacement camp. I didn’t care that this car had a 9k rpm redline (8.2k or so in this AP2) and a crazy high hp/liter number; it was still gutless and sounded like the muffler was full of angry bumblebees. 

But after the NSX drive, I was tainted. I still had the C5Z at this time, but I wanted that connected feeling the NSX gave me. I had some reservations about buying a then-17-year-old honda though; so bought this 3-year-old one instead hoping it’d give me a similar thrill to the NSX. 

It didn’t. The steering was numb, and the throttle felt laggy due to the steep power delivery curve of this car. The C5Z in 1st gear, revved from 1k-6k rpms faster than this motor did from 1k-6k in netural. But it was still a *hell* of a car that I ended up loving. What was dangerous about it though, was that it ignited my love for small zippy cars; it gave me a taste, so I was quick to sell this one and move on once I realized what more could be had. 

But the times I had in this car, I enjoyed so much. It was fun to beat the piss out of this car, stretch out the rpms and row through the gears (best shifter short of the NSX), and still stay under the speed limit. It was tossable, comfortable yet tight and supportive, and it was “cheap” enough that I didn’t care about parking it in end spots far away from crowds, etc. I just got in, drove, and enjoyed every minute of it – it was an awesome carefree experience in motoring joy. I ended up buying another one a few years later…