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1997 Pontiac Trans Am

Car #3 was a 1997 Pontiac Trans Am, which I had from ~2005 to 2007. 

I missed the V8; but still enjoyed the MR2 spyder quite a bit, so I bought this one as as second car. It wheezed at high rpms, the chassis creaked, and everything rattled; but it was a 6 speed and I had JBA headers and a hooker aero chamber muffler on it; so it sounded great and was comfortable, fast, and fun to cruise in. Plus, you can’t call yourself an f-body enthusiast without owning at least one thunderchicken in your life. 

After the first few months, this car started showing weird issues with the oil pressure sending unit (once warmed up, oil psi would drop to 0), but other than that it ran problem free for a very long time and took me to los angeles and back many times without issue. 

It also gets bonus points because this (and the mister two) is the car I had when I first met Katherine, and I impressed her on our first all-day date by taking her to a dark and empty parking lot at night in this car (surely no red flags went off here) and skillfully executed a series of donut maneuvres. Pretty sure that’s what sealed the deal and that’s why we’re married now! 

Addendum on this car is that it was sold dirt cheap without my knowledge (thank you Kat) as a two-for-one deal with car #4, my 1997 camaro z28, due to their general jankiness (coming in the car #4 post) 

Oh – and pop-up headlights rule. 

I’m sorry we sold you for pennies…. but you were kind of asking for it