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Kit Kat from Japan – round one

Japan is serious about Kit Kats. In America, you get milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and the occasional other flavor. In Japan, there are seasonal flavors – numbering in the dozens. I’ve heard about flavors that I didn’t see or buy, and I bought over 10 different kinds to bring back to the States. Ok, some of these flavors are pretty bad, but hey, some sacrifice has to be made for quantity over quality.

I figured I’d split my taste tests into two rounds, since it would be way too much to write about a dozen flavors in one post. I’ve ordered the flavors in order of YUM factor. The more I like it, the higher up it is! Here goes…


This is green tea flavored (aka matcha). This is the best of the bunch – tastes just like green tea ice cream, not too sweet, and with a hint of white chocolate undertones. The Kit Kat itself was light green, with thin green layers between the wafer. I’m sad I didn’t buy more of this flavor!


This one is a bit of a mystery flavor – at first glance I thought it was white chocolate, but it has vanilla overtones, so I’m not sure exactly what it is I’m eating, but I like it – smooth, sweet, and vanilla-y.


The ginger ale one was interesting – it tasted like a lemon creme cookie from the Girl Scouts, but it seemed to have a texture like I was really drinking soda pop – a slight ‘fizz’ sensation on my tongue. Maybe it was in my head. Or maybe they have secret elements of PopRocks.


Canteloupe – Ever been to a Korean restaurant where they give you that melon flavored gum afterwards, in the pink wrapper? That is exactly what this one tasted like. Light melon flavor sandwiched between light milk chocolate flavor.


This one is pretty disgusting, if I say so myself. I believe it’s supposed to be like the flavor of a carrot apple drink from Ito-En (a famous tea company), but with chocolate, it was disgusting. I can’t even begin to describe the flavor, other than there’s a slight apple essence, and then the essence of something that definitely does not go with chocolate.

And there you have it – stay tuned for round 2!

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