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Roger’s Deli

Today was a good day for sandwiches. Long day at work, endless meetings, and the urge to eat something simple but comforting. Teal and I found our way to one of our usual lunch spots, Roger’s Deli, and brought along Miss Kitty for a ride too (She’s joining our lunch club! This is exciting!). Roger’s Deli is a bit hidden. It’s on Middlefield in Mountain View, but you wouldn’t notice it unless you happen to be driving south on Middlefield towards 237. Most people drive the opposite direction. It’s on a corner, sharing a parking lot with 7-11. It’s also near a Carl’s Jr/Green Burrito, so you could very easily have your path derailed towards the ultimate in unhealthiness. But, if you stay true on the course, you will end up at the nondescript corner shop with the caution tape that looks like it belongs to a crime scene.


This local lunch spot is never overly crowded. Everytime I’ve been here, there has been ample seating and the wait for a sandwich is short. There are several large blackboards to help you figure out what you want to eat. In addition to the normal sandwiches, there is a breakfast menu that has a few egg dishes, pancakes, and french toast that is served all day. There are also many types of donuts and pastries like banana muffins and cinnamon rolls. The donuts here are supposedly ‘healthy’ but I don’t know what a healthy donut is (do you?).


The sandwich selection here is pretty limited. It’s not one of those specialty sandwich shops that tries to wow you with 100 different combinations of interesting foods. This is a deli/cafe at its simplest, which is nice. Do something simple and do it well are not necessarily bad things. They have the usual selection of sliced bread or rolls, and the usual meat fillings – salami, mortadella, corned beef, pastrami, turkey, ham, etc. There are also simple cheeses like cheddar, pepper jack, swiss, etc. The menu declares proudly that 3.5 oz of meat and 2 slices of cheese are placed in every sandwich. My sandwich came with three slices of cheese and more than 3.5 oz of meat for sure.

I ordered turkey and pepper jack on a sour roll. The bread was very, very soft (not flaky and textured on the outside like regular sourdough though), and the cheese was great with the somewhat bland meat. There was way too much mustard though (both pieces of the bread roll were soggy from it on the inside) and the lettuce did not look or taste fresh. I didn’t end up finishing my sandwich, which was a shame. My lunchmates finished theirs though – Miss Kitty ordered a chicken salad sandwich and Teal ordered the Roger’s Special, which comes with lots of savories like mortadella and salami among other things.


All in all, it’s a simple sandwich deli/cafe, and it’s a neighborhood favorite it seems, so I like to come here. I also like to eat the ‘healthy’ donuts here (especially the blueberry one). But if I want a fancy sandwich, I’d look elsewhere!

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