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Tokyo McDonalds

…and she’s back! Thanks to my acid reflux meds and my decrease in stress, I’m on a semi normal eating binge again. Except for the occasional waves of nausea.

So, this comeback post comes to you live from Shinjuku, Tokyo! Kyung and I are currently on day three of our Japan trip. It’s been amazing so far! Our first meal in Tokyo was – you guessed it – McDonalds! I have a thing about going to a MCD in each country to see what’s different, since I practically know the MCD menu at home by heart. We arrived at our hotel room tired and starved after a long flight, and the first thing we saw was MCD. Bingo!

We ordered the ‘shaka shaka’ chicken, which is a fried, flattened piece of chicken that you can ‘shake’ with different powdered toppings – cheese, pepper, and garlic. I chose the pepper one – it’s great, actually, it comes with black and white pepper, and it covers the chicken so it tastes almost like Korean fried chicken, crispy and salty as hell – mmm.


Next, we ordered some mystery sandwich, which later turned out to be a Croquette burger – it was not very tasty, the croquette was oozing and at first Kyung thought it was a squid paste burger. Gross.


Finally, I ordered the famed ebi filet-o. Again, a fail in my opinion – just like a filet-o-fish, but with chunks of mini shrimp, which was covered and oozing in oil. Somehow filet-o-fish patties absorb the oil better, whereas the shrimp patty is very porous because there are whole shrimp smushed together into a patty. I couldn’t finish this one.

Crikey, I was expecting lots from the Tokyo MCD, but was not too pleased. Oh well, at least I can say I tried it!

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