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Country Deli

Sad, sandwich month is winding to an end. Only a few more days to get my sandwich groove on. I realize there are a lot of sandwich places I haven’t yet reviewed here that I wanted to – Dittmer’s, Wichcraft (which I’ve heard about from NY foodies but didn’t know they were in SF until Courtney clued me in), Adamson’s French Dip, and more. Sigh. Well, I guess I can still eat there. It’s just not that same when I don’t have a purpose!

I went back to Country Deli recently with Teal. I’ve been there before with Roo and Lady D, and have always loved it. For once, it’s a sandwich shop that’s NOT in a ghetto strip mall! Actually, it’s very very hidden off Shoreline in Mountain View, and it’s in an industrial park area. Wander out back far enough behind the office building and you’re in the shipping dock area of some company. This deli is so small it looks like it could be housed in one suite in the building. But hey, at least there isn’t a shady liquor store.


It’s a very simple set up – walk in and the first thing on your left are the coolers with drinks (sodas, Snapples, and the like), and then you reach the counter and order your sandwich (everything is listed on several blackboards). After you order, you hustle down to the end of the counter and pay for your order (and on the way you can add large freshly baked brownies or cookies to your order – the chocolate chip cookies they serve are large, melty, and delicious). If you don’t want a sandwich, heck, you can order spaghetti instead!


When I arrived, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat. My personal favorite is the pepper jack chicken sandwich, which is a large sourdough roll filled with two grilled chicken breasts smothered in melted pepper jack cheese and your choice of fixings. It’s hot, gooey, and slightly spicy. But I was feeling adventurous, so I settled on the Ed’s Special. First, this sandwich comes on a thick, crunchy, slightly sweet dutch crunch roll, and it’s piled high with lots of slices of honey baked ham. But what is the best part? What is the part that made me swoon for a sandwich that has ham (when I hate ham!)? The melted gouda. O M G. Thick slices of gouda baked into a melty hot mess on top of the sweet and savory ham and lathered with mustard and topped with crisp lettuce and tomatoes. Wow. Wow is all I can say. This is seriously one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a while. Dittmer’s, eat your heart out.


Teal ordered the reuben and she was equally wowed with her sandwich.


I am so glad that this cafe is within walking distance of my office, and that there are so many sandwiches still I can try. Although, truth be told, I’ll probably stick to my two faves!

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