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Sonic Drive In, Gilroy

I only just now noticed that what everyone calls ‘Sonics’ is really ‘Sonic Drive In.’ That doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as easily as Sonics does, I suppose. So, what is the big deal about Sonics? Well, besides the unusual menu selection of burgers, hot dogs, and breakfast sandwiches made with texas toast, why, the limeades and TOTS of course!

Drive ins are a dying art. Where are the cute roller girls that bring your burgers to your car? This place has some sort of roller skating staff, and minimal outdoor seating.


The menu is conveniently placed next to your window, although sometimes you have to get flexible when it comes time to push the button. And they’re hard to understand over the intercom. Might I mention they mess up your order quite often? Must be the craptastic acoustics.


Kyung and I ordered a lot of food – behold.


A Sonic Burger with Cheese, no sauce. My usual order. Besides when I’m ordering the breakfast burrito. The burger is small but satisfying, and definitely a notch above McDonalds. I’d probably equate this burger to a tiny, less junky diner burger. Somewhat bland, but the soft bread and small meat patty are somehow still good.


Kyung’s large coney dog. This is also his usual order. It’s pretty average, salty with a piece of bun missing! He likes the chili and onions in it though, which is why he continues to order it.


Not a great picture, but the usual cherry limeade that I order. I think it’s just carbonated soda with syrup but hey, can’t complain. They put a cherry in it too. Yummy.


Here’s the order fail. Everytime we go to Sonics there’s always something that goes wrong. In this case, our chili fries became ‘chili tots.’


Okay here’s the real deal. At least there is no cheese. The fries are average, the chili not as good as the Tommy’s chili. But eh, chili is chili!


And now I leave you with my favorite part of Sonics – the TOTS. TOTS TOTS TOTS. If it wasn’t for the tots, I probably wouldn’t make the trek to Gilroy for Sonics. Or Tracy. Or SoCal.

Sonic Drive In
6921 Cameron Boulevard, Gilroy
(408) 846-6400

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