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Chaat Paradise

I forgot my camera today, so I don’t have great photos – only ones taken with an iPhone. But, I did get to eat some amazing chaat! I’ve always loved Chaat Paradise since the first time I went there and the staff recommended I try the sprout bhel. YUM! This is a local favorite and is one of the best rated chaat places in the Silicon Valley area according to Yelp.

Today was especially rad because yesterday at lunch I attempted to eat chaat at Passage to India’s Bakery. However, the cafe part of the bakery is not open during the weekdays, so the only chaat there were the ones pre-prepared and waiting under those warm heat lamps (think samosas and the like). And since there was no where to sit, my friend and I left. Before we left, the guy behind the counter recommended we go to Passage to India’s restaurant and they said there would be chaat in the buffet. They were wrong. And when we asked the staff there, they said they also only serve chaat on the weekend. What the heck! Indian buffet does not equal chaat.

Today a large group of us made the trek over to the strip mall at the corner of El Camino and Grant Road in Mountain View. Mia and V were there, along with a group of other fun people. The parking lot was packed, and we had to park decently far. This strip mall has everything from a Walgreens to a golf store. It also has a Nijiya, and the remains of a comic book store. One stop for..everything? Including Burger King!


Upon entering, we were met with a huge rush of people. Wow, I never realized just how busy this place could get! What’s even better, is that the place is always full of Indian people. You know what they say about ethnic restaurants not being full of the same type of ethnicity people.


As soon as we were seated, we attacked the menu and ordered to our hearts’ content. We held nothing back! I can’t even remember all the dishes we ordered. In terms of chaat, we ordered two servings of pani puri, two servings of aloo tikki, channa bhature, bhel puri, and sprout bhel. We also ordered rotis, parathas, some eggplant and potato dish, another creamy potato dish, palak paneer, the list goes on.


I love the pani puri here. The crispy outer deep fried shell, the multiple fillings of mung bean, potato, onion, and the final dunking in the spicy mint water. So deliciously crispy!


Another favorite of mine is the sprout bhel. I have to say, this is the dish that single handedly made me a fan of Chaat Paradise. It seems simple, but the refreshing combination of all the fresh ingredients make this a delightfully light, healthy, and crunchy snack!


Finally, my second favorite aloo tikki ever. The potato is mashed and then formed into a round ball that’s deep fried, and the potato is well seasoned and tastes wonderful with the mint chutney and the channa. Served hot and gooey. Mmm.

I didn’t get a picture of the channa bhature, but this is one of my fave places for the bhature too. Airy deep fried puff that is not too greasy and has a very satisfyingly junky taste.

Chaat Paradise is a definite winner, everytime. I’ve been here many times and never been disappointed once. When out of towners are around, I like to recommend this place too!

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