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Chaat House

Today Miss Ro and I went on a long lunch adventure that culminated in chaat. We were supposed to go to chaat originally. But then things got sidetracked and I had to go order 8 dozen donuts at Stan’s. So after an hour of placing the donut order and then getting gas since my gas light went on without my noticing, we finally made our way to Chaat House. It’s a local chain situated around certain parts of the South Bay like Sunnyvale, and it’s very easy to find on El Camino. Miss Ro likes the pani puri here, and so I wanted to go try it!


The cafe smells overwhelmingly good (and fried!) as soon as you walk in. There was a fairly brisk lunch crowd (mostly Indian people) which was a good sign. Every table had a giant carafe of water, even for tables of one, which made me laugh.



The menu has a fairly good selection for a ‘fast food’ type restaurant. There is a normal long list of chaat, and you can order more robust dishes like curry or thalis. We opted for the pani puri, the aloo tikki channa, and the bhel puri.


The pani puri comes with potato and chick pea fillings, along with the dark sauce and a different type of dunking water. It’s not quite like the green mint water, it was darker in color and flavor. Since the flavor was more distinct than what I’m used to with the green mint water, I didn’t know what I thought of the flavor! The aloo tikki was my fave dish of the three – hot, mashed but well flavored potatoes covered in thick channa with chick peas that are cooked just right – delicious! The bhel puri was decent, but not as refreshing as the one at Chaat Paradise. I have to say, I think my favorite bhel puri is still hands down Chaat Paradise.

So far the winner of the month is still Chaat Paradise! Is this going to be another Ike’s but for chaat??

By the way, all this Indian food is giving me severe heartburn. Another friend suggested I should chill out on the Indian and try something benign like sushi. But oh, taste buds!

Chaat House
939 W El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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