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Whopper 7 – Tokyo Exclusive

Okay, let me preface this with I am NOT only eating fast food while in Tokyo. I just happen to be slow about blogging about what I eat, and when I finally get to it, for some reason I focus on the fast food chains. I promise I’ve eaten lots of udon, soba, curry, tonkatsu, and raw fish! And countless pastries and sweets. Really!

Now, onto the Whopper 7. If you remember my Facebook post a few weeks ago, I mentioned this article from Yumsugar outlining this limited edition burger. It was meant to celebrate the launch of Windows 7, and would feature a 7 patty Whopper for 777 JPY to 7 days (from 10/22-10/29).

Since we’re in Japan, we thought it made sense for us to try it. However, the 7 days passed and we never quite made it to Burger King. Thinking it was over, we shrugged it off, and then suddenly today we passed a BK that STILL had it on the menu (until 11/6). But, the price was doubled to 1450 JPY. Undeterred, we tried it anyway.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, it was pretty bad. It was a Whopper on steroids. Way too many soggy meat patties that couldn’t be held together by the soaked buns, and too little condiments/lettuce/tomatoes/pickles to offset the overly meat taste. I normally order Whoppers with Cheese (if I ever go to BK, which is not often at all), and so this burger was not only missing the cheese, it was too skimpy on everything else and just way too meaty.

We couldn’t even finish it and the sandwich fell apart quite quickly.

It was a pretty hilarious experience all in all, and we sat there giggling at the monstrosity of our burger. A few other people in the restaurant ordered the same sandwich and took pics, so at least we weren’t the only suckers!!

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