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Amber Cafe

Hello September! As promised, I have a new theme – chaat! Chaat is something near and dear to my heart because I didn’t try proper chaat until I met Kyung. It has now spiraled into a full blown obsession. Just say mung bean or bhel puri and my ears perk up and I start drooling.

Before I move onto the first chaat review, I need to recap August. The winner of best sandwich shop is…*drum roll* – Ike’s Place! And no, it’s not because it was on Man vs. Food a few weeks ago. This place makes the best sandwiches hands down – junky or healthy, there is no limit to creativity when it comes to what you want on your sandwich. Feeling healthy? Get a veggie sandwich (there’s like 75 different variations). Feeling junky? Get any number of fat, savory, oozing meaty sandwiches like the Hot Date or the Pride of Castro.

Here’s the final order of what I prefer (top to bottom!)

Ike’s Place
Country Deli
Willow Glen Meats and Smokehouse
Ace of Sandwiches
California Sourdough
La Baguette
Amato’s Cheesesteaks
Tommy’s Joynt
Los Altos Taqueria
Roger’s Deli
Cam Hung
Huong Lan Sandwich #4

Alright, and now onto the chaat now that sandwiches have been given a proper goodbye!

Today Mia, V, Teal and I went to Amber Cafe Bits n Bites. We’re all fans of Amber India the restaurant, so we figured we should check out the chaat here too. Located on El Camino in Mountain View, the menu is small but they have other things besides chaat.


The cafe is very clean, cute, and busy with MV lunchers. The staff isn’t terribly friendly though, we got a rather apathetic and disdaining ‘are you ready’ when we were at the counter looking at the menu. The counter is full of pre-prepared plastic cups of things like mango lassi and plastic to go boxes of indian sweets. You order at the counter and you’re given a number, and then you sit down anywhere you’d like and the food is brought out to your table.


After some debate, I ordered the Bombay Bhel. I love a good bhel puri! The rest of the table ordered another Bombay Bhel, the veggie wrap, aloo tikki, and kathi roll.


The bhel puri was very crunchy, refreshing, and spicy! The mung bean with the bits of puri, cilantro, mint chutney, potato, and onion was delightful. I ate my plate and was very satisfied with it.

I didn’t try the veggie wrap but the salad it came with (corn, green beans, kidney beans, etc) was very good!


The aloo tikki was a bit of a disappointment. It came with yogurt on it! I do not like raita or any kind of yogurt with any dish. The potatoes weren’t soft and mealy, the cholle it came with was hard and crumbly, and not very flavorful. It’s hard to mess up aloo tikki in my opinion, so this was kind of sad. The chicken kathi roll that Mia ordered was decent, but lacked the pizazz that the roti rolls in NY had. Not as junky and not as thick!

Overall, not one of the best chaat places I’ve been to, but semi decent. Probably wouldn’t come back here if given other options though.

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