Huong Lan Sandwich..4?

I think it’s funny when restaurants just add numbers to their names. Huong Lan Sandwich 4. Brothers 2. Etc. Really? Makes me wonder where are Huong Lan 1-3? Is there a 5 or higher? I digress.

In my continuing hunt for the ideal sandwich, Roo introduced me to a close by shop that sells Vietnamese sandwiches today. I was surprised at how delicious this banh mi was as well! I have to say though, what is up with that weird mayo like sauce that comes in Vietnamese sandwiches. I don’t like it. But I never know how to tell the person behind the counter that I don’t want that weird sauce, thank you much.

I don’t think I need to say much about where this sandwich shop is located other than it’s in Milpitas, and it’s in a strip mall.


Roo has been coming here for years, and was happy to share her cheap find with Kyung and I. When Roo and I walked in, we met an empty shop full of random treats like egg rolls, red bean sesame balls, and dried squid. I sense a theme here.


We really enjoyed the sandwiches – $2.50 each, with a wide variety of choices.


We ordered three grilled pork sandwiches, and one BBQ chicken sandwich. They were fantastic! Crispy, soft baguette with savory meat (a bit on the skimpy side), lots of veggies like shredded daikon, carrots, jalapenos, and cilantro, and that weird mayo like sauce. I loved the grilled pork especially, it was slightly fatty, very very flavorful, and tasted delicious with the fresh jalapeno slices that burned my tongue so bad I had to cool the flames with the cream from the inside of a cream puff. I kid you not. The BBQ chicken was tasty too – like a lighter version of BBQ pork in small pieces that blended well into the sandwich.


If you’re in the Milpitas/San Jose region, check them out for fast, cheap eats that are satisfying –

Did I mention the sandwiches are $2.50? Times are tough, but your food doesn’t have to be craptastic!

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