Los Altos Taqueria

Alright, so you may not think of ‘taqueria’ and ‘sandwiches’ in the same sentence most of the time, but today I was striking out. I looked up four to five different delis and sandwich shops, called all of them, and they were all closed. I should have realized that Sunday is not a good day for a sandwich. Unless I go to Subway. Or Quiznos (shudder). I hate Quiznos, but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, back to my predicament. I was parked in the parking lot of Willow Glen Meats and Smokehouse, where the closed doors and dark windows mocked me as I sat in my car with the red gas light on, declaring its emptiness furiously. Kyung and I were frantically trying to think of places to eat. Finally, he asked me if I wanted a torta. Why, of course! Why not a Mexican sandwich? No one ever said sandwiches had to be only from a deli or sandwich shop. We zipped over to gas, and then to Mountain View.


This Mexican restaurant is located on Old Middlefield, next to a Donut Basket, and the ubiquitous liquor store. It’s also across the street from a few other Mountain View Mexican favorites like Taqueria La Bamba and La Costena.

Stepping inside, you are given a dizzying array of choices of food, everything from burritos, to tacos, to tortas, and to their Saturday special of menudo. Orders are taken quickly, and the food arrives just as quickly. As soon as you’re seated you get a basket of tortilla chips, salsa, and your soda. I can’t tell if the chips are made in house but they don’t seem like it, since they don’t have that thick, oily taste that fresh tortilla chips have.


We each ordered al pastor tortas, though I declined sour cream and guacamole on mine. This seems to be a change from a lot of other tortas I’ve eaten, which generally didn’t come with the sour cream or guac. The torta came on a soft roll and the soft bread was great for soaking up the oil from the al pastor, which came well cooked and in tiny, easy to eat pieces arranged in a single big layer, thick, melted mozarella slices, and lots of lettuce and some tomato. I greatly enjoyed my sandwich, and it was just large enough without being overwhelmingly large that I didn’t feel disgustingly full afterwards (some tortas from taco trucks are so big that I feel like I ate a 2 foot sub).


On a side note, I want to come back here and try the huevos rancheros. I have a big soft spot for egg anything, and I love huevos rancheros.

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  1. kertong

    I’m usually not a fan of cheese, but it was pretty good in my torta. Maybe it would taste even better if I got it with no cheese!

    August 10, 2009 10:06 pm | #1

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