Ace of Sandwiches

While looking around for a local sandwich place many moons ago, I came across the sandwich shop called Ace of Sandwiches. It has very good reviews on Yelp, and the exhaustive menu was too much to comprehend in one sitting (example: there’s a sandwich called the King which has peanut butter and bananas grilled on white bread!).

I never quite made it to this sandwich place – Dittmer’s, another local place I will review for a future post – always managed to lure me with its siren call. Thus, instead of driving a few extra blocks down El Camino, I stuck to hanging around San Antonio in Mountain View. Today, however, offered me a great opportunity to swing by – Kyung and I were in Palo Alto with a friend picking up a recliner couch, and we decided, let’s get sandwiches!

Again, sandwich shops and liquor stores go hand in hand – this shop was located in the smallest of strip malls with just the shop and a liquor store. Why am I always hanging around liquor stores? I should tell my dad about this – he’d probably have a cow and then tell me to go home and cook some decent Chinese food. But anyway, despite the liquor store and the tiny, tiny parking lot with minimal street parking, this shop is so cute. It’s a tiny square with a little bit of outdoor seating and almost no seating inside. We luckily snagged a table as soon as we walked in but I could see how trying to eat here during the week at peak lunch hours is a nightmare.


We stared at the menu and scratched our heads for some time. So many choices! I think there are at least four different reubens (to give you an idea of the breadth of choices) – super, classic, chicken, etc. I couldn’t make up my mind but the cucumber roast beef caught my eye so I ordered that. It came with thinly sliced light rye bread, lots and lots of thinly sliced but piled high Boar’s Head roast beef, 2 slices of muenster cheese, and slices of cucumbers. Wow. The sandwich was hearty, healthy, and refreshing – all in one! I gobbled mine pretty quickly…on top of that, like Ike’s, you get a surprise treat after your sandwich – Andes Thin Mints! Brilliant!


Kyung ordered the super reuben on sourdough, and it tasted wonderful – 8 oz of meat (4 oz of pastrami, 4 oz of corned beef), thousand island, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese. Wow. It was massive and oh so meaty but man, if I were the world’s biggest meat lover, I’d eat that sandwich everytime. Our friend ordered the Ace of Clubs and he really liked his sandwich as well.

This place is definitely going pretty high up on the sandwich list. There are so many possibilities left what with the extensive menu and the King waiting!


To do a quick recap of the week, I’d say the current sandwich shop ranking is:

1) Ike’s Place
2) Ace of Sandwiches
3) Amato’s Cheesesteaks
4) Cam Hung
5) La Baguette

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