Red Robin, Santa Clara

You know, for all the flack that ‘chain restaurants’ get, Red Robin actually makes a decent burger. On top of that, they were Zagat rated as best burger in 2009. It seems almost unheard of, since places like Outback don’t get Zagat rated for best steak. Regardless, I do have fond memories of a few of the RR burgers, including the Royal Red Robin burger and the Lettuce Wrap burger.

I went with Lady D the other night for a quick bite. We were seated right away, luckily. This particular Red Robin is in the Rivermark plaza in Santa Clara, which is usually full of working professionals, families, and coffee snobs.


I’ve seen coworkers at this location before. I guess it’s a popular destination!

I ordered the Royal Red Robin, and I did it for the fried egg (if you saw my Fatburger post, you’ll know it’s a soft spot of mine when there are eggs in a burger).


The burgers here are large and juicy, and I love that egg flavor as it oozes over the meat. It’s slightly less junky and more ‘wholesome’ tasting than Fatburger, but still quite a novelty. I like the fat fries that the burgers come with, though they only give you a few (but it’s bottomless so you can always ask for more!). I like the garlic fries here, the regular ones are kind of plain unless you toss on a lot of the RR seasoning (MSG on steroids).

I still enjoy a good chain meal, this is a definitely a good rec for a fat burger that gives you some service.

The roundup:

Sonic Drive In
Red Robin
Clarke’s Charcoal Broiler
Bob’s Big Boy
St. John’s Bar and Grill

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