Fatburger, Orange

Fatburger is such an awesome burger place. It’s a place I always want to go back to because I think of fried eggs and their burgers and it all just seems to make sense. Fatburger is another SoCal favorite – old school (opened the 50s, which seems to be a theme for all really good burger places in SoCal), and yet it has spread to beyond just SoCal – locations in other places of the US as well! According to Wikipedia there’s supposed to be a Fatburger in the Bay Area but I cannot find it. What a tease!

Kyung used to eat a ton of Fatburger when he was living in SoCal, post college, and he’s always keen on going back there. We went a couple nights ago to get some good grubbin.


This place isn’t fancy – it’s a franchise after all. But it’s decently clean, the food is great and satisfies any junk food addiction, and the staff is actually very friendly. The girl behind the counter was super chatty, and brought our food to us with a huge smile.


My favorite part about this place is the fried egg in the burger. You may think it’s no big deal, you can get that at many other burger places, and while that’s true, there’s something about the way they do it here that’s great. The fried egg is thick – it’s not thin, it’s not watery, and it provides a significant contribution in terms of taste and texture – it’s not just some runny white yellow thing oozing over your meat patty. The meat patty is thick, the bun soft, the cheese mostly melted but not overly so, it’s a great burger that’s further enhanced by a great side.


I ordered a medium, by the way. I originally was going to order a small, but those are super super tiny. It’s about 2.5 oz of meat pre cooked if you get the small. The medium is 5 oz or so. Our table had a small ordered and it was TINY! Slider sized!

Kyung ordered the chili cheese fries and a hamburger. The chili cheese fries were just ok, the chili and fries were thick but the cheese was shredded and just tossed over the beans and fries so they weren’t a gooey melty mess. More like gooey chunky mess.


I think Fatburger has one of the best fast food burgers, period. The burger is well put together and tastes wholesome and like someone spent time thinking about it, not just a thin meat patty sandwiched between thin buns with two squirts of ketchup and mustard. Gimme my egg on top!


2318 N. Tustin Ave. Suite C
The Mall of Orange
Orange, CA 92865
P: 714-974-0395

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