Bob’s Big Boy, Norco

When Kyung was a wee youngster, he used to love going to Bob’s Big Boy, a small hamburger joint in SoCal. The joint became lowkey for a while, but in the last couple years has reappeared all around SoCal and seems to now be referred to as ‘Big Boy.’ I didn’t go to the original one in Burbank, but I did get to try the one in Norco. After going, I think I want to try the original. The Norco one was pretty disappointing for a restaurant that’s supposed to have a lot of history, including having local classic car meets. This Norco location was full of families and SUVs.


The inside is very diner like, and since it was a few days post Christmas, the place was still very festive with Christmas lights.


The staff wasn’t especially friendly, and they were hard to flag down at times. I kind of expected a cheery ‘hello honey’ that you always get at family diners, but I guess this was probably more similar to Denny’s.

Since we were at a diner, I ordered a Oreo milkshake. It was decent, but the whipped cream was too much and the oreo was skimpy.


I ordered the ‘Big Boy’ which is ‘the original Double-Decker Hamburger’ and is what they are famous for. It tasted and looked exactly like a giant Big Mac.


Maybe the two SoCal founders of McDonald’s and Bob’s Big Boy were friends at some point? I don’t know. The burger was decent, with sauce that tasted just like the Big Mac’s secret sauce, but it was unnerving, since if I wanted something like this I could get it for cheaper and faster at MCD.

Kyung ordered a chili burger, which was served open face and tasted almost like a giant sloppy joe.


It felt like eating a hamburger swimming inside of chili, instead of a chili burger.

I probably won’t eat Bob’s Big Boy again, except at the original Burbank location, so that I can see if that place is as historical as it seems to be. And, maybe it’ll taste better!

Bob’s Big Boy
3521 Hamner Avenue
Norco , California 92860

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  1. Kim

    According to wikipedia, the mcdonalds bigmac is a copy of bigboys burger you mention.. look it up on wikipedia under mcdonalds :)

    I assume they wernt friends at some point but jealous enemies 😀

    November 20, 2010 6:20 am | #1
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