New year new diet? No, not me. Back to blogging though. January will be burger month. Mmm.

LA is known for having some of the best junk food around. Home of the chili dog, kogi truck, fat pastrami sandwiches, you name it. First stop on this burger train? Tommy’s! And it’s not just any Tommy’s. Make sure it’s the Tommy’s with the shack in its logo. Apparently there are imitations.


What’s so special about Tommy’s you say? Big fat chili burgers. Oooh yes.


These burgers are so …thick. Thick but soft buns, fat piece of meat patty covered in melted cheese and topped with pickles, tomato, and a healthy topping of chili. The chili isn’t spicy, but it’s well-spiced. Now imagine that with chili cheese fries on the side. Fat fries covered in hot chili.


The restaurant itself is typical fast food stop – but the colors remind me of In-n-Out!


I think this burger month is starting out delicious!


Original Tommy’s Hamburgers
2280 Compton Ave.
Drive-thru/Dining Room
Sun-Thur: Open 9AM-11PM / Fri-Sat: Open 9AM-12AM

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  1. m@

    That used to be a frequent stop of mine in college. The chili has the consistency of dog food, which sounds quite gross, but it’s so good.

    January 6, 2010 11:59 pm | #1
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