Chaat Month – at an end!?

You may have been wondering why I haven’t posted in a while. Truth be told, I was diagnosed last Friday with acid reflux at the emergency room. I’ve been suffering the last three weeks from stomach ailments, some so bad that I’ve stayed home (thinking I had food poisoning). Hah! Anyway, last Friday the pain was just too much, and I was so nauseous, I decided enough was enough. So, after being diagnosed with acid reflux, I heard some dreaded words – change in diet. Change in diet meaning no spicy, fatty, fried, chocolate, caffeine (tea included), and soda. I later learned from reading online that people with acid reflux should also stay away from garlic, onion, cheese, citrus fruits, and tomatoes. Seriously? These are _all_ things that I eat. Might as well throw me a couple loaves of whole wheat bread and call it a day.

So, chaat month has come to an abrupt and quick end. I don’t know yet which foods I will focus on for this month (I was thinking pancakes, but how many pancakes can you possibly eat?), but for now, if you’re bored and looking for content, check out my cooking/baking at

Stay tuned, I will conquer this stomach ailment!

Here’s a picture of my dinner from this evening. I went to Angelica’s Bistro in Redwood City with Roo and we ordered sandwiches (I know, it’s not sandwich month – but who can resist a portabello mushroom and brie grilled panini?)


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