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Kit Kats – Final Round

At long last, the entire collection of Kit Kats I managed to bring home have been completely sampled. I took my sweet time (pun intended?). I think this post contains some of my absolute favorites of them all!


Strawberry flavored and endorsed by Rilakkuma himself! Beyond the insane cuteness, the light strawberry flavor was delicious! In case you’re wondering who or what Rilakkuma is, he’s actually a San-X bear that I have been completely obsessed by for the last few months. Before Tokyo I was already pretty crazy about this bear, and then the explosion of Rilakkuma EVERYWHERE in Tokyo had me going nuts – it was so bad that one night Kyung and I spent over an hour in our hotel room watching the same musical video over and over of Rilakkuma and friends dancing. But I digress…


Kit Kat with cookie crumble – another winner. It tasted remarkably like Twix, though there was no caramel to be seen. The creaminess of the Kit Kat with the crunch of the cookie were complimentary.


Strawberry cheesecake flavored – light cheese flavor, sweet, with very very slight tang. Definitely one of the better Kit Kat flavors.


Tasted exactly as you’d expect a sweet potato flavored chocolate to taste. I’m ambivalent on this – just like the corn one, it tastes like it’s supposed to, but I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to think – I’d rather just eat a real sweet potato.

Final order:

Green Tea
Red Bean Manju
Cookie Crumble
Ginger Ale
Strawberry Cheesecake
Koi Kinako
White Chocolate
Sweet Potato
Roasted Corn
Soy Sauce
Apple Carrot

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