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Mos Burger, Shinjuku

I’ve heard many good things about Mos Burger, so of course one of the things we had to look for in Tokyo was Mos Burger! Luckily, there’s one very close to the hotel we’re staying in.

This is a chain like a McDonalds, but it’s very specific to Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, etc). I wasn’t too keen on trying the regular burgers, but I was very keen to try the rice burgers, which is basically a special burger where cooked rice is shaped into hamburger buns (top and bottom) and filled inside with beef, or seafood, or vegetables. I ordered the yakiniku beef burger.

So unique – thinly sliced hot pieces of beef that tasted a lot like Korean bbq, fresh leafy lettuce like the kind you wrap Korean BBQ in, and rice patty top and bottom that was perfectly shaped with a slighty brown crispy outside. Mmm. They should have this kind of stuff in kogi trucks back home.

Kyung ordered the pork cutlet burger, which comes with a regular bun, and a tonkatsu filling smothered in BBQ sauce. He wasn’t a big fan, and only ate half.

Finally, we also ordered a side of fries with the ‘chili dipping sauce.’ We were expecting spicy chili, but it was almost similar in texture and taste to Wendy’s chili (which is not a bad thing).

A different experience, I’m glad I came here. It definitely puts my McDonalds experience here to shame!

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Tokyo McDonalds

…and she’s back! Thanks to my acid reflux meds and my decrease in stress, I’m on a semi normal eating binge again. Except for the occasional waves of nausea.

So, this comeback post comes to you live from Shinjuku, Tokyo! Kyung and I are currently on day three of our Japan trip. It’s been amazing so far! Our first meal in Tokyo was – you guessed it – McDonalds! I have a thing about going to a MCD in each country to see what’s different, since I practically know the MCD menu at home by heart. We arrived at our hotel room tired and starved after a long flight, and the first thing we saw was MCD. Bingo!

We ordered the ‘shaka shaka’ chicken, which is a fried, flattened piece of chicken that you can ‘shake’ with different powdered toppings – cheese, pepper, and garlic. I chose the pepper one – it’s great, actually, it comes with black and white pepper, and it covers the chicken so it tastes almost like Korean fried chicken, crispy and salty as hell – mmm.


Next, we ordered some mystery sandwich, which later turned out to be a Croquette burger – it was not very tasty, the croquette was oozing and at first Kyung thought it was a squid paste burger. Gross.


Finally, I ordered the famed ebi filet-o. Again, a fail in my opinion – just like a filet-o-fish, but with chunks of mini shrimp, which was covered and oozing in oil. Somehow filet-o-fish patties absorb the oil better, whereas the shrimp patty is very porous because there are whole shrimp smushed together into a patty. I couldn’t finish this one.

Crikey, I was expecting lots from the Tokyo MCD, but was not too pleased. Oh well, at least I can say I tried it!

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