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Bewley’s, Dublin, Ireland

The first time I came to Dublin I tried Irish Breakfast and ever since then I was hooked. I had it once at a proper cafe, and another time at the airport on my way home because I really really wanted Irish fry. I’d like to point out the airport one was disappointing. Anyway, now that I’m back in Dublin, I really wanted to get Irish fry again. You know what’s sad? It’s been two years since I was in Dublin last, and during those two years, I kept telling Kyung I wanted to get Irish breakfast locally, and the two years came and left so quickly and I’m surprised we never actually got it. I can’t believe two years can pass so quickly without you realizing it!

Anyway, today Rock Star woke up early (as did I) so we could meet for breakfast at a place called Gruel. I’d like to point out it was closed. The restaurant lied. So we walked down the street toward Grafton St (where all the shopping is like Thomas Brown. It’s also the location of the McDonalds I went to the last time I was here and had curley fries. Yum). Once on Grafton we came to Bewley’s, which according to Rock Star is one of the oldest coffee houses around. They brew their own coffee and distribute it. They also offer a proper Irish Breakfast!


The inside of the coffee house is as you’d expect – woodsy, very spacious, lots of giant baskets of pastries, and a ton of different coffees and teas. One thing I find nice about Dublin is that pastries are displayed in baskets or shelves. They’re not in glass plated display cases. Or like Tokyo where it’s on display on shelves but in plastic wrap.


Lovely latte art on my cappuchino, complete with crisp hollow almond cookie. Sprinkle brown sugar into the drink, delicious!


Finally, the REAL reason I came to Dublin (just kidding, kind of). Irish Breakfast (Irish Fry, Irish Brekkie, Morning Heart Attack) at last. Two pieces of bacon (to us Americans it looks and tastes like ham), sausage, poached egg (though normally it should be fried), potato bread, toast, tomato and tomato salsa (normally this should be baked beans and tomato), mushrooms, and white and black pudding. The white pudding was actually very oily and savory. The poached egg was great as well, especially when sopped up with the toast. The tomato salsa was great with the potato bread and the egg. YUM!

I think I liked my first Irish Breakfast better (because of the beans and fried egg) but heck, I can’t complain!

Bewley’s Oriental Cafe
78/79 Grafton Street
Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 672 7720

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